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I.T Solutions, Melbourne Wide

Connecting businesses with expert IT support and solution providers, ensuring optimal performance, repairs and prompt assistance when needed

Network Support

Wi-Fi enables wireless internet access for devices within a local area. Tips include optimizing router placement, using the 5GHz band, updating firmware, and managing interference for better network connectivity

Computers & Laptops

Provide efficient hardware and software support by promptly addressing issues, offering self-service options, leveraging customer data for personalization, measuring support efforts, and continuously improving based on analysis and feedback

Mobile Devices

Implement efficient data transfer methods like cloud backup and external storage, follow backup best practices such as the 3-2-1 rule, and provide diverse training methods including eLearning and simulation training

Remote Support

Experience hassle-free remote IT support services available around the clock for individuals and businesses nationwide, resolving issues swiftly and securely

Nerd Neighbour, Your Tech Ally

We're there for you.
Global Internet Users

As of 2023

Australians Online

As of 2022 

IT support services in Australia - Nerd Neighbour can help!

We provide an on-site service, where you can ask questions, and watch the repair process.

We also set up and configure devices such as Computers, Laptops and Printers and can train you to use these.

Nerd Neighbour has an extensive supplier network and can provide and install Wi-Fi & Network Hardware, and troubleshoot any issues with your current set up.

Looking for something else? Just get in touch!  

We can provide support for POS, Hardware and Software, as well as initial set up and configuration services. 

We can also supply Network and Computer related products, as well as make recommendations for future growth and efficiency.

Looking for something else? Just get in touch! 

Nerd Neighbour can provide Remote and On-Site Technical Support with a Support Agreement and negotiated block time. 

To discuss further, please get in touch with us. 

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